How to purchase deal from MiMCoups application?

To Purchase, Favourite or Save on that deal, the customer has to login.


1How can I purchase deal?

The customer can purchase the paid deals to get extra discount by providing their Credit Card details (We will not store the original credit card number).

If a customer has any unused credit or awards received from the Customer campaign then that Customer can purchase the deal using that credit.


How do I purchase loyalty deals?

If customer purchases on three or more than three deals of the same location/ store then he/ she will be the loyal customer of that location/ store. After becoming a loyal customer, he/ she can see the loyalty deals of that location and also get the loyalty notifications of that location/ store.


How does MiMCoups help Merchants?

·  After signing into the system, the Merchant will have access to a dashboard displaying key information related to sales and customer information.

·  An intuitive Graphic User Interface (GUI) will help Merchants with links to all sections. In addition, the basic analytics will be displayed.

The dashboard will contain the basic deal analytics, which can help the Merchant understand the Customer’s views on deals offered by the Merchant.


Getting Started

Get Started with Mim Coups

It's easy to get started with the MiMCoups mobile app!

  1. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store
  2. Click “Get Started” to create a new account, or login with your facebook or google+ account. If you have already used MiMCoups simply login with your email address and password.
  3. Go back to the app and Sign In.


Storefront to use MiMCoups?

No! MiMCoups was designed to accommodate many different types of merchants. MiMCoups is a great tool to target customers who are in competing businesses’ stores or at events related to your business. Contractors can geo-target a specific location or store that complements their services. Realtors will also find the MiMCoups mobile solution useful; they can use MiMCoups to market to a mass audience with location-based notifications about homes for sale.

How does a Merchant Set Up their Account

Welcome to the MiMCoups How-To Series
M-commerce that’s simple to start, easy to master

We’re here to help you succeed in your mobile commerce, or m-commerce, business. If you have registered up you should already have received our 10-Minute QuickStart guide for people who just like to jump in, but here we will explain in more detail how to set up your mobile storefront and launch an online promotional deal. There will also be more tips and how-to’s coming to you soon for deeper dives into MiMCoups’ features, mobile marketing and sales strategy.


Sign In

If you have registered you should have already received an email with log-in information to create your username and password. If you didn’t see it, check your junk mailbox and add us to your email contacts. If you have forgotten your info, check the “Forgot Password?” link and you’ll receive an email at the address you used to register your MiMCoups account.

The Dashboard – overview

When you sign in, you’ll see the “MiMCoups Merchant Admin” screen, a dashboard of powerful information and navigation links – don’t be intimidated, most of it is automatic and the data will come in very handy. For now, here are the important ones:

•  On the left side is a Dashboard navigation menu for creating and managing your mobile storefront, deals and customer network – we’ll come back to this in a minute.

•  The 6 colored tabs near the top of the page (Customers, Monthly Sale, New Orders, Requests, New Stores, and New Deals) are at-a-glance percentages automatically tabulating your weekly and monthly MiMCoups activity.

•  Just below are 7 live sales charts where you can see your sales results and purchasing patterns to help you strategize your deals for better and better results. (You can display or minimize the Deal Monthly Views chart with the right-hand arrow.)

•  The field of buttons across the lower third of the dashboard is much the same as the side navigation menu – just more direct if you know exactly where you want to go.

•  Across the bottom is the Recent Order List which automatically compiles your incoming customer orders – you can also toggle to show New or Completed Orders.

The top left “Dashboard” tab will bring you back to the main screen anytime. The “Home” icon will do the same.


Side Navigation Menu

During this series of tutorials, we’ll work our way through this menu.


Creating Your Store Profile

Click the “Stores Mgmt” tab and select “View Stores” – this is where you will set up and manage your store or multiple store locations.

•  To set up your first store, or add a new location, click the blue “Add Store” button on the top right – a new page appears to input store information. (The number beside “Add Store” tells you how many more locations you can add after this one.)

•  “Store Name” is what shoppers will see, so make sure it will be immediately understood by new customers – don’t use something obscure like “My Store” or “First Location”, use “Belle’s Flowers” or “Uptown Jewelers”.

•  If you have a MiMCoups account for multiple locations, you should add each one separately, with qualifiers in the Store Name, such as “Bluewater Pools – Downtown” and “Bluewater Pools – Sunrise Mall”. You can also create separate virtual stores within a location, perhaps by departments, such as “Ergo Fragrances”, “Ergo Jewelry”, “Ergo Clearance” etc.

•  “Short Description” helps new shoppers quickly understand your business, especially if you have a creative or generic name that needs explanation like “Parkside Studios” (Photography? Hair? Music lessons? Tattoos?)

•  Check the most relevant Store Category (or Categories) for your business and the deals you will offer through MiMCoups – you don’t want to annoy smartphone users with the wrong offers.

•  “Store List Image” is your store’s social avatar – drag & drop (or click to select and upload) a photo, your company logo, or just the initial if it's a horizontal logo. Then zoom in and out, and drag to centre the photo in the window. Be sure to click the green check mark to save, or the red X to start again. This will appear small, so keep the image simple and easy to recognize.

•  “Store Detail Image” is like your storefront to create an impression for customers – remember they’ll be looking at it on their smartphones, so keep it simple and in horizontal format.

•  “Email” is the address you want customers to use.

•  Copy and paste the addresses of your social media accounts and website – you want shoppers to find you easily on their preferred platforms and share your profiles and deals on their networks.

•  Your store address will locate you on MiMCoups’ live maps with the geo-location function on customer phones – make sure you use your store’s physical location if you also have a separate mailing address, like an administrative office. You can also use latitude and longitude coordinates if that makes more sense for your business.

•  “Status” indicates if this virtual store location is currently active and available to shoppers – check it when you are ready for traffic.

•  Checking “Send Notification” means any MiMCoups app user who adds you to their list of Favorites will automatically receive Deal Notifications you send out.

•  “Add Another Store?” will take you to a fresh “Add Store” page to set up another location after you hit “Save”. if the you want to add another store location or another mobile store within your store (e.g. "Ergo Jewelry"), you can upgrade your MiMCoups Plan from your User Profile.

•  Any changes you make must be saved before you leave the page. Or you can “Cancel” to exit without finalizing your edits.

Saving returns you to the “All Stores” page, with the store you just created now added to the list. You can use the green “Active”, yellow “Inactive” and red “Delete” buttons to manage the status of your location(s). The far right column enables you to edit the information for individual store locations.


Ratings & Reviews

The second tab under “Stores Mgmt” takes you to a list of the locations, ratings and user names of your customers. The “Action” column enables you to select and manage customer feedback.


A-a-a-and you are now mobile-ready and open for business!

If you’re ready with your first discount offer to start building your customer base and generating online and in-store traffic, let’s set up your first Deal and send out a Deal Notification.


Creating a Deal

From the Dashboard, click the “Deals Mgmt” tab on the side navigation bar.

•  Have all of your deal information and materials (photos) ready as you cannot save partial deals to finish later.

•  Select “View Deals” and click the blue “Add Deal” button on the upper right – the number on the button tells you how many more deals you can create this month.

•  Fill in the title of your deal as “Deal Name” in 50 characters such as, “Save 60% on Coach driving gloves: Today only!” – make it catchy-but-clear what you are offering. Remember, this will appear on smartphone screens, so make the first few words count!

•  The “Short Description Heading” can be up to 50 characters as well, for example, “Come see the latest winter colours from Coach!” – try to include a call-to-action.

•  The “Short Description” gives you another 4 lines of 25 characters to quickly explain your deal, which will appear on the MiMCoups app as bullet points.

•  The next 3 fields give you space for detailed information – notice that you can format the content of these 3 fields, but remember that it will be read on a phone, so we suggest you keep it simple.

•  “Deal Condition” refers to important logistical details for the deal, such as “First 5 customers”, “In-store pickup only”, “Bring a food donation”, etc.

•  “Highlights” can explain important product details, such as “Limited edition” or “Available in 6 colors”.

•  “Description” is for more product or service details such as sizes, product specifications, features, etc.

•  “Deal List Image” is the avatar for this deal – drag a photo into place and zoom in or out, drag to centre, and save with the green checkmark. Make it clear and simple because it will appear to shoppers in a scrolling list of other offers.

•  Add up to 4 “Deal Detail Images” of your product for shoppers to scroll through.

•  “Stores” are the locations offering this particular deal.

•  Add the “Start” and “End” dates and times for this deal.

•  “Deal Type” lets you choose “General” to make this offer available to any MiMCoups user, or “Loyalty” which only sends to returning customers. The default flags customers who make 3 MiMCoups purchases with you as Loyalty Customers -- you can adjust that default under “Customer Mgmt”.

•  “Media URL” refers to material posted elsewhere, such as online videos or website product pages.

•  “Deal Original Amount” is your regular or list price.

•  “Deal Discounted Amount” is the new sale price.

•  “Deal Amount Saved” calculates how much money the shopper saves on this item – this will be automatically added to the cumulative "Savings" total on their phone app.

•  “% Discount” automatically calculates the percentage saving based on your sale price – we suggest trying a few price points to find an attractive discount.

•  “Quantity” is the maximum number of sales under this deal – we advise physically setting aside those units in the store to avoid disappointment when customers come to pick up their purchases.

•  “Deal Purchase Limit” is the maximum number of times any individual MiMCoups user can purchase this deal.

•  Note on Deal Strategy: We advise special discounts of 60% or more to attract traffic and build your customer network – remember, you can limit the number of items, so better to excite shoppers with a limited offer of 5 units at 75% off than 50 at 10% off. This also creates a sense of urgency and excitement that customers can share on social media.

•  If the “Status” button is “Active” when you hit “Save”, the deal goes live immediately. If you toggle to “Inactive”, your deal is saved but dormant until you activate it from the “All Deals” list on the “View Deals” page.

•  “Send Notification” lets you choose whether or not to send out a message announcing this deal to your customer network when the deal goes live. You are limited to 1 announcement per deal per day to avoid overwhelming MiMCoups shoppers, so choose your deals and timing carefully.

•  If the “Add Another Deal” button is switched to “Yes”, you can create your next offer right after you save this one. “No” will return you to the “View Deals” page.

•  Be sure to double-check the details of your deal before you hit “Save” to avoid confusion among your customers. “Cancel” will lose all the changes you just made and return you to the “All Deals” page.

Back on the “All Deals” page, you will see your new deal and its parameters added to the list. You can use the check boxes and colored buttons to activate, suspend or remove deals on the list – the “Action” column takes you to a deal you want to edit.

On the left-hand navigation menu, the “Ratings & Reviews” tab takes you to a list of deals that received ratings and by whom – the “Action” buttons gives you more detail.

The “Expired Deals” tab lets you look back at past deals – again, the "Action" button provides more detailed information.


Watch for More
Together, we will work our way through the rest of the navigation side menu in future emails, and under the “Other” section of the dashboard. And we’ll do it in the order of importance and as you increase your mobile customer base. 


Ready to Try It?
The most important thing is to get started. You now know enough to launch your mobile sales channel and create your first deal. So jump in and have fun! And let us know how you are doing – we welcome your questions and feedback.



MiMCoups provides this statement explaining our online information practices and the way in which your personal information is collected and used. By using the Services, you consent to the practices described in this statement. Except as explicitly provided herein, this Privacy Policy does not apply to the practices of companies that Mim Coups does not own or control, or to people that MiMCoups does not employ or manage. If you do not agree with the practices explained in this policy, do not access or browse the Site, or use the Services.

Purpose and background

This Agreement is the result of negotiations between the Parties concerning the purchase of a license MIMCOUPS data application for the marketing and sale of their products, services and offers. This data application is being completed and is expected to launch in February/March of 2015. The Agreement is governing the Parties' rights and obligations in the contract period.

The Service

MIMCOUPS offers the Client a web portal that will allow the Client to send specific offers regarding their products directly to smart phones, tablets and other portable devices. The offers is received through a dedicated application (App) developed by MIMCOUPS, which can be downloaded through Appstore or Googleplay and is used by private individuals (End-Users).

The service also include features that allow Clients to generate offerings for distribution to End-Users, chat feature, read reviews from End-Users, list of return on investment (ROI) of the dispatched supply and send out the offers on the basis of the End-User's location, geography and customer loyalty program.
The service works by allowing the Client to generate and upload offers to the service. The service will then automatically send the offer to End-Users, whether direct or when the End-User is located near the Client’s outlets.

Moreover information about the service's functionality, refer to Addendum 1.


The Agreement gives the Client a non-exclusive, non-transferable and limited license to use the Service in Norway. The license gives the Client access to the Service and its features. The license will grant access to the Service for a limited number of client users. The number of client users with provided access to the Service will depend upon the number of licenses that the Client buys.

Terms of Service

It is not permitted to do the following by use of the service:

a) Modify, attempt to modify, disrupt, attempt to obtain unauthorized access or gain unauthorized
    access to the Service, its software, user interfaces, or otherwise personal data that can be stored in
    the Service.  

b) Distribute any content from the Service. With content means including, but not limited to text,
    images, audio, video, software, script or other material the Client can see by using the

c) Attempt to penetrate or penetrate security-related functions including, but not limited to the
    protection of content and personal data stored in the Service

d) Rent, promote, transfer, assign or sell access to the Service. The same applies to advertising,
    sponsorship and promotions placed in the Service or its contents. Furthermore, the Client must
    not give others access to the Service.

e) Use the Service in violation of its purpose and intentions.

f)  Modify, copy, translate, create derivative works of the content or any part of the contents of the
    Service, redistribute, sublicense, publish, reconstruct or otherwise attempt to change or
    requisition source code of the Service.

The Client is made aware that the violation or attempted violations of these usage restrictions constitute abuse of the Service. Abuse of the Service is not allowed. In cases of suspected abuse, the user risks to be suspended or get delivery of the Service stopped. In the misuse of the Service, the Client will be held responsible for all direct and indirect loss arising in connection with the abuse/default.


By using the Service, the Client will gain access to the following personal information about the End-Users:

  • Zip Code
  • Date of birth
  • Sex
  • E-mail addresses
  • Username
  • Geographical positions (provided that the End Users have not disabled this feature)
  • Customer’s previous purchases

All End-Users have agreed that the above information is collected and used for sales and marketing activities of MIMCOUPS customers. All personal data will be treated in accordance with the requirements of the Personal Data Act. All information will be stored on MIMCOUPS servers or on the servers of associated partners of MIMCOUPS.

Rights to the information about End-User’s use of the offers from the Client belong to the Client and upon termination of the agreement; this will be delivered to the Client. Information will be delivered to the Client as raw data. If the Client wants the information it can be delivered processed with information about End-Users' purchasing patterns and the like for special consideration.

Information about the Client

By use of the Service, the Client must create a user profile to log in. The Client will need to provide information on, among other:

  • Address
  • Organization number
  • Name of the shop
  • Account number (Paypal email address)

The information will be stored in a satisfactory manner and will be deleted upon termination of the Agreement by MIMCOUPS.

Security, backup and access

MIMCOUPS will ensure appropriate and adequate backups of the information and the information that the Client uploads to the Service. MIMCOUPS will continue to take reasonable and appropriate measures to secure the Client’s data against accidental or unlawful loss, access or disclosure. MIMCOUPS’ partners for data storage are participating in the Safe Harbor-program or equivalent.

By using the Service the Client consents to let MIMCOUPS access the information collected about the Client and use this information in conjunction with the optimization and customization of the Service.
Information of the Client will not be used or disclosed to others unless this is necessary for the Service.

No other users or clients will have access to the Client's marketing activities. No other users or clients will see prices of the Client, how they are received in the market, End-User feedback etc. Customers who use the competitor-package will however be able to see the time and in which areas the Client’s offers are active.


By using the service the Client consents that MIMCOUPS’ advertisers can market their products on the Service. This means that different advertisers will be exposed in the Service. The Client agrees that MIMCOUPS is entitled to inform partners and other potential customers that the Client is using the Service.

Bonus and loyalty program

If the Client so wishes, a bonus and loyalty program for End-Users and the Client can be developed. This can be adapted to the Client’s needs by agreement.


The monthly license fee is due in advance and payable quarterly.

In addition, the Client pay a turnover fee of 12.8 % calculated on gross revenue based on all sales that occur through the use of the Service (Turnover fee).

Detailed sales reports will always be available in the Service.

Duration of the Agreement

The Agreement lasts for 1 years (contract period) from the date of signing.

The Agreement is binding during the contract period. The Agreement will automatically renew for one year, unless the Client later than two months of expiry of the contract period in writing terminates the Agreement.

The payment obligation under the agreement clause 11 occurs when the Service is completed and made available to the customer.

Termination of the Agreement removes all Parties' rights and obligations under the Agreement.

Publication of offers

From the moment the Service has been made available, the Client can publish the subscription amount of offers per month.

Customer service and training

MIMCOUPS Customer Service will be available to the Client during the entire length of the contract period between 09.00 A.M. – 16.00 P.M.

Intellectual property rights

MIMCOUPS holds all copyright, trademark rights and other intellectual property rights in the Service. The Client is responsible for that either the Client or another with the Client’s username and password will not be using the Service in violation of copyright principles, or other illegal activities. Violation of this include downloading content, copying, distribution of content, accessibility of content in any other way or public display of content. Violation of this provision may be punishable and liable for compensation from the Client.


Breach occurs if either Party fails to comply with its obligations under the Agreement.
If either Party defaults on its obligations under the Agreement and the breach is not remedied within 15 days after the defaulting party received written notice of the breach from the other party, the affected Party may terminate the contract with immediate effect.  

The Agreement may be terminated with immediate effect if there is a material breach of the Parties' obligations under the Agreement.

Non-payment pursuant to clause 11, is considered separately as a material breach. Delayed release in relation to the specified time estimate is not to be regarded as a breach of contract.

Disclaimer and limitation of liability

The Service and its content is provided “as is”. If the Client experiences loss and this is due to defects or delays which MIMCOUPS is responsible for and this has caused client losses, MIMCOUPS’ claims are limited to the Client’s direct loss and in all cases limited to an amount equal to the last 6 months of consideration, exclusive turnover fee for using the Service.

MIMCOUPS cannot be held liable for loss of production, profits, loss of use or other indirect loss, unless MIMCOUPS has committed gross negligence or willful misconduct.

Force Majeure

By force majeure or other fulfillment obstacle outside MIMCOUPS control, MIMCOUPS could not reasonably be expected to have taken into account at the conclusion of the contract to avoid or overcome these; the Client cannot claim damages or make other breach against MIMCOUPS as long as the impediment exists. Similarly, the other Party’s exchange is suspended in return as long as the impediment exists.

If the obstacle, or the inability to overcome the consequences of it, is still present two months after it occurred, either Party may terminate the Agreement by giving one month's written notice, without there being anything to require from each other.


The Client’s entitlements and obligations may not be transferred without the prior written consent of MIMCOUPS.

Governing law and jurisdiction

Any dispute which may arise between the Client and MIMCOUPS is governed by Norwegian law. Disputes are settled by the ordinary courts, Oslo District Court is adopted as the legal venue.


Welcome to MiMCoups Technologies Application! This application is owned and operated by MiMCoups Technologies.

By downloading or using the application, these terms automatically apply you – you should make sure therefor that you read them carefully before using the Application. By registering or going through our application, accessing the information or services we provide, you understand and agree to accept and adhere to the following terms and conditions as stated in this policy (hereafter referred to as “Terms & Condition Agreement”).

We reserve the right to change this Terms & Condition Agreement from time to time without notice. You acknowledge and agree that it is your responsibility to review this Terms & Condition Agreement periodically to familiarize yourself with any modifications. Your continued use of this Application after such modifications will constitute acknowledgement and agreement of the modified Terms & Condition Agreement.

Contractual Obligation on Registration

We will collect personal information about you which you will agree and provide us while

  • Going through application as a guest user
  • Registering with our application
  • Submitting forms for example, Contact us or Donate/Volunteer form

Such information may include (but it is not limited to) your first name, last name, email address, your registration mode (Facebook/ Manual) etc. In addition, we collect your device information such as device id in order to send push notification to notify you regarding the Offers, Events, and Treasures etc.

We will keep your information with us while you have a relationship with us and for any retention period that we are required to meet for legal or regulatory purposes. You must ensure that your personal information you provide to us is accurate and complete.

If you would like to request of copy of your personal information from us to review or modify any part that you are not able to do it on your own from this application at any time, please call Us or visit your local store today. Such records may be viewed the subject to the payment of a fee.

Purposes for which we will use your personal information

We collect, use, store and otherwise your personal information about you to the following purposes:

  • To enable you to access and use the Application
  • To enable us to provide any services which you have requested through the use of this application.

To provide you information regarding any services we provide or get in touch with you regarding any request you have submitted to us.

Where images are stored

Any image you post through the MiMCoups Application is reside on our secured server. We don’t share this images with any third party application/website.

Terms of Use

The user is fully responsible for the content behind and display of their treasure details and comments.

The user refrains from doing anything unlawful and/or not in accordance with the terms of service. All users commit themselves to follow the ethic and generally accepted rules of the internet community. This includes owning the copyright of pictures or illustrations used by the user to post their treasures.

The user is fully responsible for his contents and will bear all costs, if MiMCoups Technologies has costs due to the contents behind Treasures of a User. The user has to ensure that his use of the MiMCoups Technologies is lawful.

If MiMCoups Technologies would gain knowledge of such a case, MiMCoups Technologies has the right to immediately terminate the relationship and to block and/or erase the account. Claims for compensation, as well as other legal measures are reserved.


MiMCoups Technologies may immediately terminate the service if the user does not follow the Terms & Condition Agreement or if the user does something awful. The user has to bear all costs which occur during such an instant dismissal. Further, the user agrees that all terminations for cause shall be made in MiMCoups Technologies `s sole discretion and that MiMCoups Technologies shall not be liable to the client or any third-party for any termination of their account, any associated email address, or access to the Service.

At some point we may wish to update the app. The app is currently available on Google play and iOS – the requirements for system (and for any additional systems we decide to extend the availability of the app to) may change, and you’ll need to download the updates if you want to keep using the app. MiMCoups Technologies does not promise that it will always update the app so that it is relevant to you and/or works with the iOS version that you have installed on your device. However, you promise to always accept updates to the application when offered to you, We may also wish to stop providing the app, and may terminate use of it at any time without giving notice of termination to you. Unless we tell you otherwise, upon any termination, (a) the rights and licenses granted to you in these terms will end; (b) you must stop using the app, and (if needed) delete it from your device.