8 October 2015

MiMCoups Release News

Drammen, Norway – MiMCoups Technology AS is premiering its next-generation mobile marketing and social shopping app with simultaneous releases in Norway and Australia. The “MiMCoups” smartphone app is an m-commerce (mobile-commerce) platform shared by merchants and consumers that uniquely bridges online shopping, bricks-and-mortar retail and social media. The app integrates mobile geo-location with ‘push’ notifications, live sales analytics with anonymized customer data, and social comparison shopping with mobile purchasing. All from a smartphone.

“Since childhood I have been fascinated by the way technologies combine and re-combine to create something new,” says Chebs Ade, MiMCoups founding CEO and President, from his Drammen office. Mr. Ade is an IT Engineer with years of experience in GPS tracking, cell technology, systems integration, offshore drilling and marine navigation.

“I saw people constantly checking their smartphones, local retailers struggling to figure out online sales, retail websites underutilizing maps, user reviews and social media sharing … and wondered how to bring them together so retailers and shoppers could share their best deals and finds – by location, in real-time, on their phones.”

His answer is MiMCoups, a free app available on iTunes and Google Play. Users create their profiles with filters for products, brands, outlets, interests, location and price, and integrate their social media accounts, including MiMCoups’ own online comparison shopping community. They can even chat directly with the retailers. Meanwhile, local retailers, chain stores and online boutiques can tailor, target and time their best offers to reach ideal customers without spamming everyone else.

Bruce Boyd, VP Sales, has been subscribing retailers in Norway and Dion Bastian, VP Technology, in Australia for the launch and interest has been strong. “Store owners immediately see how personalization and geo-location enable new relationships with their customers. This is a ground-up reengineering of e-commerce that actually energizes in-store retail sales.”

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Download the app for iOS and Android at iTunes or Google Play at the bottom of this page.